Manuals and Instructions

Here we have collected the main results of our development work within the project. Our man product is the Catalogue of Methods for Transmitting Intangible Cultural Heritage, but further down you will also find a collection of separate manuals, instructions and descriptions developed through the project. 

The materials on this page can be used free of charge. However we encourage you not to simply copy the activities, but to apply the methods and processes to your local traditional knowledge!

Sincere greetings, the administration

Catalogue of Methods for Transmitting Intangible Cultural Heritage

The main product created within the development work of the project is our Catalogue of Methods for Transmitting Intangible Cultural Heritage. Here, we have listed, systemathized and described the experiences we gained though our project. The catalogue can be used for finding examples of various approaches to ICH, for inspiration to new activities or as a resource to various safeguarding measures. 

Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage through Learning. NPAD-2020/10090

Manuals, instructions and descriptions

How to learn about tools

This is a guide for how you can give traditional tools more visibility out of a case study in Kuldiga. Pdf-file for download. 

Experience trips as safeguarding

During the experience trip, the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with several other teaching methods that can be used in adult education for the safeguarding of intangible heritage through learning. Pdf-file for download.

Visit at Bjørnsund school camp

This is a description of our study visit to Bjørnsund school camp, Norway. We found this experience very inspiering, and point at different ways that traditional culture is included in a very hands-on manner within the activities of the school camp. Pdf-file for download. Several filmed documentations were made at the school camp, please watch them!

How to read old town

This is a guide to how to teach about intangible cultural heritage in a specific location, created with the old town in Kuldiga as case study. Pdf-file for download.

Unicorn game - how to highligt intangible cultural heritage

This an example of how a game can be created to highlight intangible cultural heritage in a specific location. Case study from Kuldiga, Latvia. Pdf-file for download. 

How to craft traditional paper flowers

This is a manual for making traditional paper flowers used at weddings om Ostrobothnia. Included is a guide for arranging pop up workshops as part of bigger events. Pdf-file for download

Historical photos as inspiration

This is an example of how archive photos can be used to support intangible cultural heritage. Case study: crafting traditional paper flowers, see manual above. Pdf-file for download.

How to explore family history and life stories

Here is a manual that describes the experiences made by Latvian project "Family stories in the countryside" as well as a manual introducing their way of working. Oral traditions are a good resource to learn about your family as well as about your neighborhood and culture. Pdf-guide for download. 

How to learn basic musical skills

This is a manual describing how basic musical knowledge can be taught in the countryside, based on experiences in Jaunpils, Latvia. Pdf-file for download. 

How to bake piparkūkas - Latvian gingerbread

Here is a collection of recipes for traditional gingerbread cookies - "piparkūkas" in Latvian - as well as instructions for baking. This collection has been created by Jaunpils regional development center Wheel and Jaunpils Pensioners' Association during several years. Pdf-file for download.

How to teach and transfer food traditions

Here is a manual on transmitting food traditions made by the Norwegian League of Rural Women. Insights and good advice from this Unesco acredited organization with a vast expertice in working with traditional food. Pdf-file for download.

Safeguarding on the local level

This ia an inspirational discription about how safeguarding can be done with small means on the local level. Case study is the work of Viesatu Parish Library and Kamene Association in Latvia. Pdf-file for download.

How to do safeguarding as a project

Here is a discription of how project partner KulturÖsterbotten approaches ICH and particularly safeguarding. The description includes concreate advice on how projects concerning ICH can be set up. Pdf-file for download. 

How to bake lefse

This is a manual of how to bake lefse, a flat bread, as traditionally done in Gossen, Norway. Lefse is a well-loved part of traditional food in Norway. Pdf-file for download, please also see our video!

How to bake rye bread and bread cheese

Here is a manual on how to bake traditional Ostrobothnian rye bread and bread cheese. Rye bread has been woted the national food of Finland, and bread cheese is a special treat that has been enjoyed by generations. Pdf-file for download, please also see our video!

How to bake sklandrausis

Sklandrausis is a well-known traditional treat in Latvia. Here is a set of instructions on how to bake them, according to our experiences at the Suiti cultural center. Pdf-file for download, please also see our video

How to clear eider down

This is a description of how to clear eider down as traditionally done in Bjørnsund, Norway. Pdf-file for download, please also watch our video.

How to do stone painting

This is a manual for stone painting. Painting on stone can be used as a creative and social way to learn about coastal culture, traditions in one's own local community and nature. Pdf-file for download.

Making quality films

This is a description of the impact of making quality films about your organization, activities and/or events. The case study here is a film made about project KvinnerUT and its realization on the local level in Gossen bygdekvinnelag, Norway. Pdf-file for download. 

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